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The Southern Arizona Law team is composed of family law specialists, including those who specialize in private dependency proceedings. If you’re looking for an attorney to help with your case involving children and want the best possible outcomes, we can get them on board with you right away.

These are some of the scenarios associated with juvenile dependency:

Depending on the situation, a child may need a dependency if:

Through a juvenile private dependency proceeding, an individual seeks the assistance of the Child Court to determine if their child needs a suitable parental figure. With Southern Arizona Law on your side, you know that we will fight for what’s best for your family and children. You can rest assured knowing that our team is committed to doing anything possible to help them create lasting memories built with love!
Under any of the above circumstances, the child will likely become a ward of the state unless the child’s family accepts the responsibility of being his guardian.

Arizona custody issues: Finding the right solution for your family

When it comes down to custody issues under Arizona law, other people’s tactics might not always apply or work well with individual situations. We perform detailed analyses of every single one of our cases so that any strategy is specifically designed around getting YOU optimal outcomes. Whether it’s by way of an “In Loco Parentis” proceeding or through guardianship/dependency proceedings, we want nothing more than to protect YOUR loved ones from harm.

Our Juvenile Dependency Attorney

Find out what is best for you. Contact our knowledgeable family lawyer regarding dependency proceedings today.

Juvenile Dependency FAQs

A dependency case is filed when children need proper and effective parental care and control, but no parent or guardian can provide it.
When a child comes before the courts due to parental abuse and neglect, it's called A Juvenile Dependency case.
The court can declare a child dependent at the hearing or set other conferences for a later date. The state of Arizona is legally responsible for providing that if the child has been deemed in need of parental care and control at this hearing.
A dependency lawyer is an invaluable resource for child custody and court cases. Dependency attorneys can help a parent or both parents regain custody of their children if CPS has removed them due to one of the many reasons that can keep them from being with family in two homes.
In juvenile dependency cases, family members such as grandparents may seek to have the child placed in their home. If so, it is in the child's best interest that they retain a lawyer who handles juvenile dependency, such as our law group at Southern Arizona Law. We can help advocate for them during this difficult time.
The best way to get through the dependency process is by having someone knowledgeable and experienced at your side. The dependency proceeding is a complicated process, and you may need help navigating it. You have the right to an attorney at every stage of proceedings but can waive this protection any time if desired; however, we recommend not doing so as there could be helpful counsel present in each step who can advise you on your rights.

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