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When the family you have built together crumbles, it is crucial to have the right family law attorney if you are going through a divorce, child custody situation, or related issues. At Southern Arizona Law, we dedicate ourselves to aggressive advocacy for all of their clients’ needs to secure the best outcomes possible in any given case. We understand that each person’s situation is different, and we put client-centered care first in all our interactions. Your every need is our priority!

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Family Law FAQs

Family law cases are often challenging and emotionally draining. It should be no surprise that the court staff is trained to deal with these challenging situations while maintaining a professional tone and compassion at the same time. Their main goal is to keep their attention focused on what's best for both parties involved rather than shifting focus between two different sides at any given time.
You could represent yourself during a divorce; however, it is highly recommended to hire an experienced family law attorney specializing in divorce cases. If you run into complex matters during the process, such as a child custody dispute or another critical issue, you have an experienced professional that has your back!
A parent can be deemed unfit when they fail to provide proper guidance, care, or support for their child. If there are abuse and neglect issues with the parent's substance abuse and family problems, that could make someone an unfitting parent.
Yes. Arizona state law requires that one party reside in AZ for at least 90 days before filing.
In Arizona, you can't get a divorce until 60 days after your spouse has served the Petition. This gives both people time to think about how they want their marriage and family life with each other to be in the future. The duration of this waiting period depends on many factors such as the complexity of the case, calendars for court cases, etcetera.
The court will need to consider the incomes of both parties, their parenting schedules, and the needs of any children. In certain circumstances, a judge might be more flexible in evaluating what is fair if they feel it would better serve your situation or show you some kindness based on the facts involved.

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